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G.T is a Full Service Automotive Facility repairing all Foreign and Domestic Vehicles.

We perform all forms of general repairs, scheduled maintenance services, computer and electrical diagnostics and repairs. We also perform full restorations, welding, fabrication work, modifications, suspension packages and electrical wiring repairs. We are N.Y. State Inspection emissions repairs specialists. We are also fully equipped and trained to work on all types of air cooled engines including complete engine rebuilding, modifications and have been doing so since we opened. We use only high quality or original factory replacement parts. We provide a 24 hour towing service that will pick you up if you breakdown away from home and drive you home then bring your vehicle to our shop. Our tow service provides long distance towing upon request.

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Pre-Purchase Inspection

G.T. can provide a complete pre-purchase inspection report that allows you to have a comprehensive insight of the vehicle you are considering purchasing. You will have a better idea as to the vehicles value and any repairs that may be necessary. Having a written report of work necessary on the vehicle before purchasing it is also an excellent bargaining tool. Our technicians will take your prospective vehicle through a comprehensive check list.

Some areas covered are:
1- Body
2- Engine
3- Brakes
4 - Suspension
5- Cooling system
6 - Axles
7 - Belts & Hoses
9 - Power windows and sunroof operation
10 - A Road Test

Service Tips and Advice

Get the most value and performance from your vehicle by following some simple advice. Read and follow instructions in your factory owners manual. Follow the recommended service intervals. Have you vehicle serviced every 3 to 4 thousand miles. Regularly check or have someone check your fluid levels and tire pressures every 3 to 4 weeks---G.T. performs this service free of charge anytime our customers stop by. Most quality repair shops will also offer this service. If you hear any strange or different noise or feel any vibration from your vehicle call immediately or stop by a qualified repair shop for their opinion and advice.